Functional Integrative Nutritional Evaluation


BASIC $199.00

The evaluation for this is based on your symptoms. You will be given approximately 220 questions to answer. Based on the intensity of issues, mild to severe, it will show a pattern of priority. Realize that a symptom is your body’s way of telling you that there is dis-ease, or an imbalance occurring in your body. A trained professional can decipher these patterns and determine the correct diet and nutritional protocols to enhance your body to self-correct.

STANDARD $299.00

This includes the BASIC testing as outlined above, with the addition of an OMEGA 3 QUANT test. Please refer to the Article section and read article” THE HIDDEN EPIDEMIC “. The importance of testing Omega 3’s is extraordinary as pointed out in the article. People of all ages are equally affected, but especially children in their neurological development.

ADVANCED $399.00

This includes the STANDARD test as outlined above with the addition of “Blood Chemistry Analysis”. Again, refer to the article section of this website and read “It’s all about Inflammation”. This testing is highly recommended and extremely popular with our patients.


The Advanced Plus includes the same level of testing as the Advanced package but, also includes two 15-minute phone consultations with one of our trained Doctors. We believe every journey needs a guide and having the access to one of our Doctors when embarking upon your personal transition will be invaluable.

Please forgive us as our website is under construction, not all features are available at this time.

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