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About Dr. Ransom J. Morin, Owner and founder of Vitruvian Wellness Center

Doctor of Chiropractic Care Dr. Ransom J. Morin

How I Discovered Chiropractic Care:

    At 16 years of age, I was involved in an All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV) accident while out in the woods with some friends. I was lucky that a neighbor was able to bring me to a hospital, because I couldn’t move my right arm at the shoulder, at all. I was pretty scared. After an examination by the emergency room doctor, I was told that I needed surgery to repair the growth plate in my right arm. My mother was managing a chiropractic office at the time and fortunately, there was a sports chiropractor working there. When my mother told him about what had happened, he advised her to bring me in for an examination before they performed the surgery. Luckily, my growth plate was fine. With several months of chiropractic care and rehabilitation, my shoulder became absolutely perfect. My decision was made…I knew I would become a chiropractor to help save people from having unnecessary procedures. 

    Years later, after graduating from chiropractic college, I watched my father as he suffered from a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis. I decided to learn as much as I could about alternative therapies for the treatment of chronic diseases that weren’t managed or slowed by traditional medicine. Functional medicine was the missing key to practice for me. There are many ways to help the body heal. My goal is to educate everyone and anyone who wishes to live the healthiest life possible.

Dr. Morin's Work and Education:

Dr. Ransom J. Morin is a board-certified chiropractic physician who has practiced in both the United States and in Italy. After graduation from Life University Chiropractic College, in Marietta, Georgia, he was licensed to practice in February 2004. He worked locally until his love of travel and adventure led him to apply for work with a hospital-based company, Gruppo Giomi, in Reggio Calabria, Italy. He practiced there from 2007 to 2009. In June of 2009, Dr. Morin returned home to West Springfield, Massachusetts, to serve his local community by creating the Vitruvian Wellness Center.

Whether patients are 2 days old or 96 years old, Dr. Morin has a natural gift for making all his patients feel safe and comfortable during their visit. A wide variety of patients are seen in the office for different conditions: Children come with ear infections and bed-wetting issues, senior citizens have aches and pains, bodybuilders and professional athletes who want to maintain their bodies after years of heavy lifting, weekend warriors, women struggling with infertility issues and more.

For anyone interested in better health, Dr. Morin is ready to assist. He also works with local police officers, firefighters, military personnel, and veterans as he is truly grateful for the service to our community that these individuals provide.

Dr. Morin primarily uses the Gonstead technique but is also proficient in full spine, cox flexion/distraction, and extremity adjusting. He is committed to continuing his education with ongoing training, including attendance at the Functional Medicine University and a variety of post-graduate seminars. These seminars address topics relating to chiropractic care, including extremity adjusting, neurology, nutrition, cardiology, and patient rehabilitation.

Dr. Morin's Community Participation:

Dr. Morin proves he is a leader in health and wellness by practicing what he preaches. He works out four to five days a week with weights and also trains once a week in Mixed Martial Arts. Dr. Morin eats a healthy diet and uses the supplements he sells to his patients to increase his health. Outside of the gym, he enjoys reading, woodworking, and making educational patient videos.

 Every year for the past five years, VWC has helped provide Christmas gifts to foster children who are part of the Devereux Care Facility. One of VWC’s favorite causes is supporting Rachel’s Table. Dr. Morin believes everyone should be able to have healthy meals on a daily basis, and it’s his passion to help feed the less fortunate.

In 2012, he learned of the Masons and the amazing services that they provide to local communities. In 2013, he joined his local Mason lodge in order to contribute to the community on a larger scale. He considers his Mason brothers an amazingly loving and giving group of gentlemen. He is honored to have been inducted into this fraternity.

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