Why Omega-3 is an Important Nutrient

Odds are that, if you’ve done any research into nutrients and supplements that are critical for overall mental and physical wellbeing, then you’ve come across omega-3s. Few nutrients have been studied with more fervor, and the results are always the same…these fatty acids are some of the most incredible nutrients in the world and are

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What is Considered a Healthy Immune System?

More and more we’re seeing the term ‘immunocompromised’ filter into the public spotlight to detail individuals who are at greater risk of contracting unwelcomed viruses, such as COVID-19. Still, the term itself doesn’t say much beyond the fact that it means you’re more susceptible to illness. We will dig into the term by exploring what

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The Most Essential Components of a Weight Management Program

The dangers of obesity are common knowledge and associated with an increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer; therefore, it’s little wonder that millions of Americans are looking for ways to lose a few pounds. Of course, these days it seems as if there are millions of weight management programs out there, each offering

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6 Tips for Healthy Renal Function

When we think of vital organs to keep healthy, we immediately think of the heart and brain, and perhaps then the lungs. While the healthy function of all of these is undeniably important, many people often overlook the value of healthy kidneys. Kidney diseases are silent killers, and statistics suggest that nearly 15% of all

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The Best Supplements for Stress Management

As if chronic stress and anxiety weren’t already a health concern for millions of Americans, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased stress levels worldwide and had a significant impact on the physical health of individuals everywhere. For individuals suffering from symptoms associated with stress such as loss of concentration, fatigue, and tension, relief

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Why You Should Incorporate Supplements into Your Life

We get it. There are so many conflicting statements about supplements floating around on the internet that simply knowing whether or not you should integrate them into your life can be quite overwhelming. Oftentimes, attempts to learn more can leave you wondering whether they are necessary at all. Thankfully, Vitruvian Wellness Center is here to

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